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Cazenovia Baseball Softball Association

Field Improvement Fundraising Campaign

Thank you to all of our CBSA families, volunteers, board members and the people of this wonderful community!  We are blown away and so grateful to everyone who donated and gave their time to this project!  Work will begin soon and we will keep you updated throughout the process.

Field Improvement Project

Dear Baseball and Softball Community,

One of the main goals of the CBSA board of directors has been to improve the quality of our playing fields at Burton Street.  We have had discussions with the village about this project for the last two years.  We have made minor improvements, including a new dugout on field 2, and we are now at a point where we are able to accomplish our goal of improving the two youth baseball and softball fields at Burton Street Park.  Both fields will be completely refinished with a dirt infield and surrounding grading and drainage improvements that will create a safe and reliable playing surface.

Field #1 will also feature a professionally built dirt pitching mound for player-pitch youth baseball and Field #2 will feature a portable pitching mound that enables multi-sport and age group field use for youth baseball, softball, coach pitch and t-ball.

These improvements come with considerable expense and will need to be raised in a short period of time.  The work will begin in the middle of September in order to be ready for our 2022 season.  Every donation to the total cost of $25,000 will be spent directly on field renovations that focus on improvement over current cinder/stone dust infields and safe playing surfaces.

While we continue to make small improvements using currently available resources, including the labor of association volunteers, community support to this capital fundraising effort for Burton Street Fields benefits current and future baseball and softball families through a safe and reliable playing surface that gives every young athlete the chance to learn and play the right way.

We are seeking the support of our baseball and softball community.  You can follow and share the link for our GoFundMe Campaign (  In the weeks ahead, be on the lookout for fundraising with local businesses and around the village and ways you can get involved to support our efforts.  Your financial contributions are greatly appreciated, but there will also be opportunities where volunteering your time will be even more valuable.  We will keep you informed throughout the process.

We are very appreciative of our community and families.  We have seen our baseball and softball participation grow almost 30% over the last two years, despite a cancelled season and COVID-19 restrictions.  We are hopeful and excited about what lies ahead.

Brian Gardner
Cazenovia Baseball Softball Association