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Cazenovia Baseball Softball Association

Coaching Information

Interested in learning more about being a coach, please join one of our informational calls. See below for dates and times. 

Wednesday, March 1 · 6:00 – 7:00pm
Major and Minor League Coaching Q&A
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Video call link:


Saturday, March 4 · 12:00 – 1:00pm
Major and Minor League Coaching Q&A
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Reach out to Mike @ [email protected] with any questions!

Coach's Meeting:

Who: All coaches should attend from T-ball, softball and baseball (Head coaches and assistant coaches) 
What: To review coaching expectations, new Little League rules, new CBSA policies, equipment bag handouts
When: March 28th, 2023 
Time: 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. 
Where: Hampton Inn ball room 

Registration deadline is March 9th!
Skill evaluations are on March 11th at Caz College 
T-ball registration deadline is April 23rd


All Star Selection Process for Softball and Baseball: 

Specific Little League rules that must be followed for All-Star team selection include:

- Participation in eight (8) regular season games in an age-appropriate division is required with his/her regular season team

- Players must be of the proper league age to participate on any Tournament team

- The announcement of the Tournament Team cannot be before May 15th 

Team selection process:

- Goal to have enough players to participate in all three levels of tournament play, which includes:

o   Minors Division (AAA level players but no Major players)

o   AAA Division (10U, eligible Major’s player can play in this level)

o   Major Division (12U)

- Minor and AAA divisions:
o    Each head coach will select the top 24 players within their division to participate in evaluations, if only able to field one team will select top 16 players 
- Major division:
Each head coach will select the top 16 players within their division to participate in evaluations

- CBSA executive board will collect and compute the results
   The players receiving the most votes will be invited to the evaluation at the date set by the CBSA board


- There will be two separate evaluations

o   One for Major division

o   One combined for Minor and AAA divisions

- The expectation is that all players participate in the evaluations if selected

o   If a player is selected for the evaluations but cannot make the date (i.e. is sick) this will not exclude them in the final team selection process

- Cazenovia varsity or junior varsity or college coach will conduct evaluations

o   Regular season coaches and board members may volunteer to assist in the evaluations but will not assist determining team selection
  Volunteers to be decided on by Cazenovia varsity or junior varsity or college coach to assist in organizing and implementing the evaluations if needed and determined by the coach leading the evaluations
Varsity or junior varsity or college players will assist with the evaluations
Three players from varsity or junior varsity or college will be selected to form a committee and be present during the evaluations
Group will be chosen by Cazenovia varsity or junior varsity or college coach and approved by the CBSA executive board prior to evaluations

- The player agent and the coaching coordinator will be at evaluations with each evaluating one division
   If the player agent or coaching coordinator has a child in one division then they will evaluate the other division (example the coaching coordinator has a child in the AAA division so they will evaluate the Major division)
If the coaching coordinator or player agent are unavailable, the executive board will vote to replace with another coach as long as they do not have a child in the division they will be evaluating

Final Player Selection:

Process determination for final player selection:
Note that players can be moved from the division they played regular season in to another depending on age and selection of teams (example, 10-year-old that played major division in the regular season can play for the AAA All-Star team)
Group for final determination of team rosters include:
Cazenovia varsity or junior varsity or college coach
Player agent or coaching coordinator
Three varsity or junior varsity or college player committee
This five-person group will vote on the rosters for each team in their respected divisions

- The head coach selection process will occur after the All-Star team has been selected

Once teams have been selected, each head coach for their respected division will notify the players/families of their selection to the team

Those players who do not receive enough votes are placed into a pool, should there be a vacancy on the Tournament Team. If a vacancy arises, and the Board of Directors decides to fill it, the player who received the next-most votes is automatically placed on the team after verification of eligibility. However, these players MUST NOT travel with the team and are not covered by Little League Accident Insurance when traveling to and from games.

Team selections will be completed on May 16th to allow for more practice time for the tournament teams prior to tournament play beginning.