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Cazenovia Baseball Softball Association

Summer Baseball 10U/12U

12U:  Little League Tournament Team.  This team will compete on the 46/60 diamond (same as Burton Street), competing for the Little League District 9 title against Lee, Camden, Oneida, VVS, and Northern Community among others.  District Tournament Play will be completed by July 14 to fit into the overall Little League World Series Schedule.  It follows a double elimination tournament model.  Little League Rules will be followed.

12U: Diamond Pioneer League (DPL) Majors.  This team will compete on a 50/70 diamond, slightly larger field against teams from Camillus, Tully, and Fabius among others.  League play will start in Late June and will complete the First Saturday in August.  The schedule is made up of a round robin, followed by a week of play off games and championship.  The  slightly larger field allows for runners to lead off from bases during play.

10U:  Diamond Pioneer League (DPL) Minors.  This team will compete on a 46/60 diamond against teams from Fabius, Camillus, and Tully.  This league will follow rules that closely follow Little League.  Same season duration as DPL Majors.  The schedule is made up of a round robin, followed by a week of play off games and championship game the first weekend in August.

In all cases, team selection will be done based on a combination of three inputs:

1)  Team coaches will provide player rankings
2)  Individual players will get to vote on a paper ballot
3)  Tryouts.  Tryouts will be evaluated by former summer team coaches to provide an unbiased assessment.

Coaches for the teams will be selected and approved by our board after the teams are selected.

As these teams have limited rosters, roster spots are not assured for all interested players. 

There will be an additional fee to cover summer league dues, baseballs, and umpire fees. 

Summer Softball

U12:  Deruyter Softball League - More information to come!

2019 U12 League Champions

Babe Ruth

Cazenovia offers a team in the Valley Babe Ruth League during the summer season for players age 13-15 years. The fee to play is based on the number of athletes playing. Just like in high school sports, this is a developmental league, but the idea is to compete at all times which means not all participants receive equal playing time. We have found success with this league in the past and hope to continue the tradition in the summer moving forward. Games have been played on Mondays and Thursdays, but that is subject to change.

· The Babe Ruth Baseball Teams exist to teach and practice the physical and mental skills required to play baseball at the Modified and Junior Varsity levels. The learning process is focused on team practices and competitive games.

· Team funding is provided primarily through donations & player registration fees.

· The team coaches are recruited from local former high school and college players (generally parents).

· Baseball should never get in the way of a player’s family activities. However, as a team sport, a player must make a serious commitment to the team and make every effort to attend games.

· While winning games is a goal, the primary goal is to help to build a solid high school baseball program, through the learning of advanced skills and techniques, and playing against higher levels of competition. The intent is to “raise the bar,” while having fun doing it. The general atmosphere is more relaxed than the spring school season.

· The program seeks to strike a balance between competitive team play and maximum player participation.

Contact [email protected] for more information

Connie Mack

 Connie Mack, like all our teams, is a community-based team and affords all 16-18 yr. old players an opportunity to play summer baseball in a fun, learning and wholesome environment. We play in a competitive league based in Syracuse, which has 25-30 teams that make up five divisions. We play about 20 regular season games, and if we make it, we then go on to divisional playoffs.  The highlight of every season is a game in Cooperstown at the legendary Doubleday field, which is special day for all the players, coaches and fans, who come down and make a day of it.

Contact [email protected] for more information.